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B2B Value Chains - The Way We See Them

Business agility and profitable growth through B2B value chain development
We look at organisations as series of interrelated value-adding activities, and believe that sustainable growth is achievable only by integrating different parts of the value exploration, creation and delivery processes into one seamless, high performing value chain that links with corporate and business strategies.  

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Key questions for business management

 Value exploration

  • How to identify new value opportunities?
    • Market segmentation of industrial products, target customer selection and sourcing, understanding and using market information, industry foresight
    • Industrial businesses as customers, market research/market studies, competitor analysis, customer satisfaction, strategic marketing planning

 Value creation

  • How to create value in an efficient way?
    • Product management, new product and services development and launch, flexible market offering, value based pricing
    • Managing global market offering, distribution, sales channel support and management

 Value delivery

  • How to gain and deliver value through effective management of company infrastructure?
    • Customer relationship management, key account management
    • Marketing and sales channel development and management, distribution channel cooperation