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IMP Audits will assess, refresh and renew your B2B value chain activities to inject more dynamic growth into your business.

Working alongside your key personnel at strategic, tactical and operational levels, we will use the IMP Audit tool to provide an assessment of your current activities.
This will include a comparison of top level views of your company's positioning, vision and unique selling proposition, with the views of key personnel, your customers and distributors.
The assessment will clearly identify areas for development and provide ideas for where opportunities for growth lie. We will focus on real issues to find pragmatic, tested and proven processes and tools for improving your B2B value chain.

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 IMP development programs

In collaboration with your executive team and key personnel, IMP develops and delivers customised B2B value chain development programs which we manage and fast-track using external experts when needed.

We take full ownership of each turnkey project focusing on Return on Investment, utilising best-practice tools to measure performance and progress, ensuring that the delivery is aligned with your business development strategies.